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Alexander Overchuv (Александр )  1809-1873. A Russian researcher and physicist. born in 1809 to a peasants’ family who lived in Ural mountains. at a very young age, his great talents and sharp mind were discovered and he was sent to a Boarding school in Saint Petersburg.                                                                             From then on, it was just a matter of time until he became a scientist second to none. During his research on the shifting of Earth's orbit due to "Hypothetical earthquakes", he secretly wrote his book: “Experimental procedures when there is nothing left but consumer products”.   In his book, Overchuv depicts his extensive thoughts using fruits, vegetables, toothbrushes, sofas and any other object that can be purchased for a pile of cash.
The sacred goal that stood before him was explaining to the citizens of the state physics theories even if this would be forgotten or extinct forever.   The book was published in 1869 and raised up huge controversy.                The scientific community ridiculed Overchuv and his work by saying that he Mixes the sacred with the profane, put impure into the pure and demeaning the entire community. Overchuv was persecuted for several years until in 1873 died due to a mysterious fire that broke out in the laboratory where he worked.
The exhibition introduces Ovrochov's work and his mental space which expressed in his book "Experimental procedures when there is nothing left but consumer products”.

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