Hadas Duchan born in 1988, resides and works around the world. 
Duchan holds a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of art and design. 
Her works function as research laboratories that drifted away from the scientific realm into the metaphysical. Hadas’s work process usually begins by researching a phenomenon, black holes, architecture, mold, and sterilized fruit flies are just a few examples. After studying the phenomenon in depth, thoughts become objects or structures on the space-time continuum.

Her works have been featured in solo and group exhibits in many galleries and museums including Barbur Gallery, The Museum of the History of Jerusalem in Tower of David, Koresh14, Binyamin Gallery, etc.


2015         BFA, Department of Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

2014         BFA studies, Department of Fine Arts, UMPRUM, Prague, Czech Republic.


Solo & Dual shows 

2019        “The Girl is Singing to the River”, Graz, Austria. 

                 “Partial Visibility”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. 

2018        “Serenade to All Living Beings“, Koresh14 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.  

2017         “Sun Pirouette”, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

2016         “Five Experimental Procedures When There Is Nothing Left But Consumer Products”, 40+08 ART                                         

                    MARATHON IN THE NEGEV, Be’er Sheva, Israel.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020        “Wondering Domains”, Vila Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

2018         “NET” live video art festival, London, England.

2017         “MANOFIM”, a contemporary art festival, Jerusalem, Israel.

                  “Nylon”, Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel. 

2016         “Action- Variable Subjects”  WAS biennale, Sdei Trumot,  Israel. 

                   “MANOFIM”, a contemporary art festival, Jerusalem, Israel.

                   “B&B”, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

2015         “Weeds”, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

                   “Out of space“, Graduates exhibition, Department of Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and  

                    Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

2014          Umprum/Vsup , Klauzury, Prague, Czech Republic.

2012          “Once I was a House”, project in a soon-to-be demolished building, Caesarea, Israel. 


Curatorial Projects

2018          “Living Room”, Art Cube Artists’ studios, Jerusalem, Israel. 

2015          “Weeds”, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.



2019         "Styria-Artist-in-Residence-Scholarship", Artists’ Residency program, Graz, Austria.

2016-9     Art Cube Artists’ studios, Jerusalem, Israel.

2016          40+08 ART MARATHON IN THE NEGEV, Be’er Sheva, Israel.

                   "B&B", Artists’ Residency program for the month of July, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.


Grants and awards

2020         Mifal HaPais grant,  'Homemade', a project for independent artists, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2019          Residence grant, Culture Department of the Federal State of Styria, Austria.

2016          Production grant for “Nylon”, Tower of David, Jerusalem, Israel.

2017          Winner of open call ‘Half Moon’ for young artists, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

 © 2020 by Hadas Duchan

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