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Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, the feeling of uncertainty has been present in our daily lives. Economic, institutional, and social systems have been undermined, shut down, or discontinued. However, the Earth's rotation around the sun continued to exist, the seasons changed, the sun continued to shine above us and illuminate, and the moon continued to surround us every month in a regular cycle.
In the exhibition Constant Variable, Hadas Duchan, and Liat Danieli use the fixed variables in nature, collaborating with them in order to create a space of certainty within the existing reality. In their joint work, they bring the earth, the sun, and the moon into the gallery space, routing them, processing, and growing with their help potatoes which transform into a perishable sustainable material.
The exhibition consists of installation works through which Danieli and Duchan go through the various stages in the transformation process - from the growth of the potato tuber to its transformation into a bioplastic material.

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